San Antonio Tooth Extraction

San Antonio Tooth Extraction

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Kids Dental Extractions in San Antonio

Your child would certainly rather not have a tooth extracted, and neither would we at Westwood Children’s Dentistry. However, when there is no other option then you can be assured that your child will have a comfortable experience at office. The procedure is done under sufficient local anesthesia to keep him or her from feeling pain.

There are two types of our San Antonio tooth extraction: the removal of a baby (primary) tooth, and the removal of an adult (permanent) tooth. With baby teeth, they are supposed to fall out on a particular schedule, and taking one of them out ahead of time can have a negative effect on the natural way that adult teeth eventually grow in. The other teeth can shift, not leaving enough room and creating complications. Fortunately, the use of space maintainers can keep that area free, and since a new tooth will be on the way, it’s not that much of a tragedy to lose a baby tooth. However, what is very important to prevent is the need for our San Antonio tooth extraction for adult teeth. Once such a tooth is removed, it leaves a long term space that can only be filled with a dental bridge or implant at some point. That’s why our kids dentist makes every effort to ensure that your child’s adult teeth are protected. This means providing advice on effective brushing and flossing, nutritional tips, recommending twice-yearly examinations and cleanings, and fluoride treatments that add an extra barrier against tooth decay.

For our San Antonio tooth extraction, contact our office to arrange a prompt appointment. Your child should not have to suffer with a toothache any longer than absolutely necessary. And whichever type of tooth is being addressed, and the location of that tooth, every effort will be made to ensure a smooth process.

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