Kids mouth guards San Antonio

Kids Mouth Guards San Antonio

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The importance of mouthguards in San Antonio

Kids mouth guards San Antonio
Kids mouth guards San Antonio

Not all problems with teeth come from decay or gum disease. More than ever teeth are damaged due to injury such as a sudden impact that cracks, chips, breaks or dislodges a tooth or several teeth. Many of these impact injuries are suffered by people as they participate in sports, especially among adolescents. Kids mouth guards San Antonio from our Westwood Children’s Dentistry practice can help protect the athlete’s mouth no matter what their age or sport.

Studies show that an athlete that is not using kids mouth guards San Antonio Is 50 times more likely to suffer an injury that harms their teeth than those who use custom mouth guards. This is true in sports involving extreme contact such as foot or hockey as well as sports with relatively little physical human contact like skiing or skating. Mouth guards protect the teeth as well as the soft tissue of the lips, tongue and gums because they go over the teeth and gums and then come down between the teeth and the lips cushioning these structures against harmful impacts. Not all mouth guards are created equal there is a significant difference in the protective strength of the retail one-size fits all guards versus the custom fitted mouth guards developed by our doctor to match the exact size and shape of your mouth.

Our kids mouth guards San Antonio are precision equipment for the athlete and like any other piece of essential equipment they do need a little maintenance care. Our doctor suggests rinsing the guard before and after each use and periodically cleaning it in warm soapy water. Never leave the mouth guard in the sun or in a hot place. You should store and carry the mouth guard in a hard plastic case that has vents and make sure to replace the mouth guard once it shows signs of wear. Protect your teeth and mouth with a custom mouth guard from our practice.

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